Bravo! You have chosen Biarritz, home to the best spots in Europe and world famous beaches...but what exactly is A SPOT ?!
A spot is just a coastal area where you can surf. There are all sorts of spots from the easily accessible ones to the most dangerous. Each spot has its own specific characteristics according to how the seabed is formed (sand or rock), exposure to the wind and how busy it is. It is important to gather information and to work out for yourself how the spot works before getting into the water, otherwise you could find yourself in a tricky situation (strong currents dragging you into a dangerous zones, waves hitting rocks in the impact zone, etc.) and you can rapidly lose control of the situation. Lack of knowledge causes a significant number of accidents for swimmers and beginner surfers alike. Don't forget that like the mountains, the ocean is nature in its wild state and although the amount of other people in the summer may be reassuring and make some people quite bold, unexpected events are common. Learning about waves won't come without some surprises and it will take time before you know how to interact with them safely, after all, that's what is so exciting about surfing. Beware! Surf spots are often rife with currents that can be really powerful and can put you into difficulty if you lose your board. When a spot is facing cliffs or dangerous reefs, you have to make sure you don't get trapped by the rising tides. The waves themselves also present certain dangers above a certain size and power and these vary according to the spot, tide times and the level and experience of the individual surfer. As a rule of thumb, surfing in waves with up to a metre-high face is not dangerous but over that, the power quickly increases, and the dangers with it. But you have just chosen one of our schools for your first waves so you can throw yourself into the water in confidence: we'll look out for you. Founded by locals from the area who know the coast inside out, our certified organisations get you up to speed in the best conditions. With your instructor (lifeguards and competitors) beside you, you can explore an extraordinary sport with the help of an accomplished waterman.